Can you Blog from your Phone? (Pros and Cons) by Ali

Yes! It is absolutely possible to start, run, and earn from a blog with your phone. In fact, many Bloggers make money from Mobile Blogging Because it only depends upon your content how much you can earn. No matter whether you publish your content from Mobile or Laptop.

Pros Of Blog From Phone

There are some benefits (Pros) of Blogging on Mobile:

Easy To Write

Using Mobile for blogging provides you this convince that you can write your blog post at any time, at any place, and with more typing speed. This would make it convenient for you to Blogging.


Blogging from your phone can help you be more creative. You can use your Mobile Camera to take photos and for making Videos. This can help you to create a more visually effective and engaging blog post.

Zero Cost

To start a Blog by Mobile phone is so cheap because you don’t need to purchase any special software or hardware. You can blog by using only your Mobile phone and Internet connection or Wifi Network.

Stay Up-To-Date

You can use your Mobile to stay Up-To-Date on the latest news and topics in your niche. This will help you write more informative and trendy blog posts.

Time Savings

You can save time by writing blog posts in any free time on mobile because everywhere Mobile phone is with you. So you can write articles while commuting, waiting in line, or during a break.

Cons Of Blog From Phone

You may face these problems (Cons) while Blogging on Moblie also but you can solve those problems by our given tips:

Small Screen

The screen of the mobile is much smaller than the laptop or computer screen, which can make it difficult to write long posts.

SOLUTION: You may connect a Bluetooth keyboard to write blog posts for your ease. OR You can use a writing app that allows you to resize your text.

Pages Customization

Page Customization is so difficult in mobile Blogging due to the small screen size and On-screen keyboard.

SOLUTION: You should use a Mobile friendly theme and design a simple layout.

Lack of features

Some Blogging platforms don’t have all the features that you can find on a computer such as the ability to customize code and add widgets.

SOLUTION: You should use a blogging platform that has all the features. OR you can use plugins to add widgets and customize codes.

On-Screen Keyboard

The On-screen keyboard on a mobile can be slow and inaccurate, which may frustrate you while writing a blog post.

SOLUTION: You may connect a Bluetooth keyboard to write blog posts for your ease.

Performance Issues

If you have an old phone, you may face performance issues while blogging such as lag and crashes.

SOLUTION: Close unnecessary apps before you start blogging and use a blogging platform that is optimized for your phone.


How do I start blogging with my phone?

You can start your blog by simply following these steps:
1. Choose a blogging platform
2. Get a hosting server
3. Create an account
4. Customize a theme
5. Start Writing
6. Publish your posts
7. Promote your blog

What is the best blogging platform?

These are the best platforms for blogging:
1. WordPress
2. Blogger
3. Wix
4. Hostinger
5. Tumblr

Can blogging make money?

Yes! Blogging can make money. You can earn money through these methods from blogging:
1. Google Adsense
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Guest Posting
4. Selling eBooks
5. Showing Others Adds

How much do bloggers make money?

Bloggers can make from $1000-$100000 per month but this is not the end. Bloggers can make Unlimited money.


So, I hope you have ensured that Blogging from a Mobile phone can be done and acknowledge the pros and cons of using a Mobile phone for Blogging. I’m sure that this content was helpful for you!

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