I’m Ali, the founder of Bloggerskick. I’m SEO and Blogging Professional.

Ali, the founder of Bloggerskick

Bloggerskick is my Digital Marketing Blog where I help people to start a Successful Blog from Zero. To this Blog, Bloggerskick, I blog about topics related to Make Money Online, Blogging, SEO, Social Media Networks, Affiliate Marketing, Web Hosting, Blog Reviews, etc. You can learn here, how can you become a Successful Blogger. I assure you that if you follow our guides you can make a Full-Time Income from Blogging.

How I Jumped into Blogging?

So, when I started Blogging, I was a College Student. I was very curious about my study. And from day to night, studying was the only thing, that I was doing. Basically, I am related to a medal-class family. So, for my college expenses, my father’s income was not enough. Thus, I decided to earn money anyway but in a legal way. So, I started searching for part-time earning ways. I earned also some money but not enough for my expenses. Then, I think about online earning. I started to get ideas for online earning. I started a Youtube Channel But could not get success. I do a lot of things but earned nothing. Then I knew about Blogging and started a blog on Blogger.com. I failed in nearly 17 Blogs. I got discouraged but never lose hope.

Then, I knew about WordPress.com but for hosting I had no money. At least, I arranged the expenses of hosting and started a blog with Hostinger. I worked hard for it and I succeeded the first time. I was very happy. So, In this way, I have made many Blogs on WordPress.com and Become a Successful and money-making Blogger.

Then, I decided to teach Blogging so that other people particularly Students can be eligible to earn money for their needs. So, I started Bloggerskick.com to get success in my mission.

This blog is not for you if:

1. You are Looking For Quick Hacks or Tricks

If you are looking for an easy way to grow your blog or if working hard doesn’t sound like your thing, I can’t help you.

I don’t know any marketing loopholes or quick hacks.

I believe hard work is the only thing that leads to success.

2. You Want to Get Rich Quick

Building a business is difficult and takes time.

If you are looking for some magical way to get rich quick, I am not the guy to follow.

I help my students and coaching clients build sustainable businesses.

Building a sustainable business takes time and effort.

3. You Want to Scam People

If you don’t want to build the best quality product/service possible, please leave this site right now. You will not like my advice.

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